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Exceptional compressed air quality guaranteed with this 1/2″ Compact Dropout® unit which is used as an inline point of use liquid water separator and contaminant remover.


Dropout® offers an extremely high performance all-in-one solution. Its unique patent design allows the unit to efficiently remove 99.9999% of liquid (water & oil) and 99% solid particulate down to 1 micron at a wide range of flow rates without mains power or costly replacement filter elements, and once fitted, the ongoing servicing costs are ZERO.


Recommended for use where there is a high concentration of water in the air supply, Dropout® units are frequently used in paint and refinish environments as an alternative to dryers, where moisture-free air is essential.


Features, Benefits and Specifications:

  • Superior protection for your compressed air equipment at point of use
  • Stand-alone replacement for water separators and/or coalescing filters
  • Protection upstream of refrigerant and desiccant dryers
  • Easy to install, no mains power and no consumables
  • No increase in pressure drop caused by blocked filters
  • Significantly lower life cycle costs
  • Instantaneous recovery from pulsed flows or stop start
  • Maintenance free with built-in auto-drain
  • Type: Filter
  • Filtration Size: 1 µm
  • Inlet Connection: 1/2 in
  • Outlet Connection: 1/8 in
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 16 bar
  • Drain Type: Automatic
  • Flow Rate: 283 l/min / 11 cfm
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 60°C



ATEX Mark: Ex II 2G IIC T6 Gb

Dropout® Point of Use Liquid Water Remover


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