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PCL’s premium mid-range Ergo Blowgun with a Standard Conical Nozzle.  OSHA states that industrial safety air blowguns should be used for industrial applications, PCL’s 2 Bar Auto Safety Blowgun is equipped with an automatic pressure reduction which ensures the air inlet will automatically be reduced to the recommended 2 bar. This virtually eliminates user error, ensuring safety.


Features, Benefits and Specifications:

  • Flexible, rubber grip on the handle for additional cushioning and strength
  • Easy to store with multiple hanging points
  • Newly designed air release valve built into the body enables the trigger / airflow to be feathered
  • 1/4 female brass inlet for increased durability
  • Weight (kg): 0.20
  • Material: Zytel Nylon

  • Maximum Supply Pressure: 10 bar / 140 psi

  • Air Inlet: 1/4

  • Air Flow: 8.9 cfm / 252 l/min

  • Sound: 90 dBa

  • Nozzle: Standard Conical

PCL Safety Blowgun Ergo Standard Nozzle 1/4"

SKU: OSAS-8001

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