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Designed for the service engineer or to keep in a workshop in case of a pneumatic airline failure, this small, compact kit contains all the parts you would need to repair any standard airline failure and have it up and running in minutes.


  • Includes genuine PCL couplings, adaptors, hosetails, hose connectors, Jubilee® Clips and PTFE tape to convert or repair an airline connection.
  • Ideal to keep in a van or workshop
  • Solid compact pocket case with item numbers and descriptions on the inside, to aid with replenishment.


Kit Contents
1 x MAS25007 
1 x MAS25006
2 x MAS2512S
2 x MAS2513S
1 x MA1016
1 x MA1024
1 x MA1110
1 X MA1022
1 x MA1032

1 x MA1111
1 x MA1023

1 x MA1030
2 x OOO Jubilee Clip
2 x OO Jubilee Clip
1 x PTFE Tape

PCL XF-Euro Series Emergency Coupling Kit


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