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Refrigerated Air Dryers

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Refrigerated Air Dryers in the DRY range from ABAC benefit from continuous development to achieve the highest possible reliability. Only first class components are used that have undergone rigorous testing under extreme operating conditions. They have automatic operation and constant dewpoint control under any load condition.

Main features of Refrigerated Air Dryers:

  • Simple design and generously sized

  • High quality components make unit safe and reliable over time

  • Low maintenance, long service intervals and easy access to internal components

  • Fewer components that are subject to wear

  • Low pressure drops throughout system resulting in high energy savings

  • No wastage of compressed air due to intelligent (zero loss) automatic discharge of condensate

  • No CFC therefore OZONE friendly

  • Thermal insulation guarantees high efficiency

Oil Water Separators


The new PURO range of Oil Water Separators provides a solution to the growing problem of the toxic and hazardous condensate produced as a by-product of compressed air generation. This condensate poses a real danger to the environment and this coupled with the stricter regulations governing the control of this substance provides a real challenge to all users of compressed air, in order to avoid fines and prevent the release of this dangerous substance into the environment. By employing new filtration procedures the PURO series provides maximum security along with ease of use and simple low cost maintenance.

Conventional condensate separators rely on the physical separation/gravitation of the oil from the water so that the oil can be drained separately and the remaining water cleaned through an activated carbon media. Vibrations or shocks and any turbulence caused by an increase in compressed air flow can adversely affect this process. The oil produced needs to be drained from the system into a container before disposal. Finally, the water sits in the primary tank for some time and may become stagnant therefore posing health risks.

Adsorption Air Dryer

The OekoDry 2000 series of adsorption air dryer from Alup

are complete systems with heatless adsorption dryer, pre and after filter and condensate drain. There are two types in the series, MINI and MIDI, with a total of 9 frame sizes on offer. They supply reliable and efficient compressed air conditioning in line with demand.

Within the OekoDry 2000 series is a SuperPlus version with a special feature of the sensing of the desiccant loading condition by means of a micro-processor control. This reduces the amount of valuable regeneration air required by 40% on average and the service life of the desiccant is considerably lengthened.

The use of new Economizers increases the efficiency of the overall system. Moreover, the operation of the two filters is monitored and the most favourable time of change of the filter elements established.

Main features of Adsorption Air Dryers:

  • Pressure Dew Points

  • Up to -40c Cat 100% nominal load

  • Up to -70c Cat 70% nominal load and a maximum inlet temperature of 35c

  • Flow rates up to 5 – 100m3/h

  • Regeneration air requirement ca.17% of the nominal flow

  • Operating pressure 4 – 16 bar

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Airline Filter Units


CamAir offer a comprehensive range of silicone free compressed air filtration products for use in almost every industrial environment. The filters are manufactured using cast aluminium housings. The high efficiency filter construction enables a low pressure drop and ensures low operating costs. All filter bodies are coated with blue polyester finish to eliminate corrosion.