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PCL’s whip hoses are highly recommended by the Health & Safety Executive's Guide HS(G) 39 as they are designed to distance an air tool from its air supply to prevent vibration. This enables tools to be used safely and helps to prolong the life of couplings and adaptors.

Features & Benefits:

  • ​​​​​Helps to prolong the life of couplings and adaptors
  • Improve ease of handling - reduces operator fatigue
  • Simply "Plug-in and go"
  • Enables you to use the tools safely

Air Tool Whip Hose With 100 Adaptor & 1/2 BSPT Male

SKU: MAW2116
  • Conforms to: ISO 4414:2010 & ISO 6150:2018
    Recommended by Health & Safety Executive Guide HS(G) 39

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