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Parker Legris C9000 advanced quick acting safety couplings have been designed for pneumatic installations which require frequent connection and disconnection, safely, quickly and without tools, whether two hoses or a single hose and connection point.


To disconnect rotate coupling body in the direction of the first arrow and the downstream pressure will be exhausted. Then rotate the coupling body in the direction of the second arrow and the body will disconnect from the probe. Complies with ISO 4414 and EN 983 safety standards covering the installation and use of pneumatic equipment.


Key Benefits and Specifications

  • Reinforced Polymer body
  • Two stage self-venting release
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Compatible with Euro adaptors
  • Conforms to: ISO 4414:1998 and EN 983:1996
  • Nominal Bore: 7.4 mm
  • Flow rate: 6 bar supply: 1,750 l/min @ 0.5 bar p.d.
  • Maximum working pressure: 200 psi / 16 bar

Parker Legris C9000 T25 Safety Hosetail Coupling

  • PCL XF
    Rectus 25/26
    Legris 25/26
    CEJN 320
    Norgren 234/238
    Schrader InterCheck 35


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