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The Large Bore Euro Style Clip-on Connector is suitable for use in applications with the larger 12v1 tyre valve size


An Open End connector is used with the MK4 Tyre Inflator, PCL wall gauges and PCL portable gauges. This connector has a pin which unseats the tyre’s valve when is use.

PCL 12v1 Large Bore Euro Style Clip-On

SKU: MC13A-71
    • Weight: 0.44 kg
    • Tyre Valve Connection: Euro Clip-on
    • Valve Style: Open End
    • Thread Type: Hose Tailpiece
    • Thread Size: for 6.35 mm (1/4 in) hose
    • Valve Size: 12v1 (large bore)
    • Models: CO13A71

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