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PCL’s Pneumatic Grease Gun features 3-way loading with continuous feed and 360-degree handle rotation. The air powered APT813 simplifies the task of lubrication, providing superior flow control and the convenience of fully automatic operation, with pistol grip and single pulse trigger operation.

PCL Air Grease Gun

    • 360° handle rotation
    • Supplied with two nozzles - offset and flexi
    • Pistol grip and single pulse trigger operated
    • Angled design with die cast body and head
    • Grease loads easily with standard 14 oz (400 cc) cartridge - also bulk or pump fill
    • Continuous flow - grease applied under a steady pressure
    • Suitable for medium grease
    • 2,400 to 6,000 psi delivery from 60 to 150 psi feed (40:1 pressure ratio)
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