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As the world’s leading linear gauge, the PCL AIRFORCE® MK4 takes performance to a new level, offering even greater ease of use with a 20% larger screen and clearer to read scale.


Meanwhile PCL’s leading high performance two-stage valve design ensures accuracy and longer life compared to competitors’ single-stage mechanisms, where filters are used in an attempt to protect the product. This can result in over 50% reduction in product life, with filters slowing down inflation rates, wasting valuable technician time. Tests show the AIRFORCE® MK4 can cover more than ten times as many cycles as its main contender, making it the product of choice for users who prefer a linear tool.

PCL Airforce® MK4 Linear Forecourt Inflator

    • New Viewing Window – Larger window gives 20% greater field of viewing
    • Lighter Weight – Gauge body weighs 923g, less work strain and easier for repetitive use
    • Biomorphic Shape – Ergonomic, easier to use and less prone to damage when dropped
    • New Valve Mechanism – Simplified 2 stage mechanism design prevents user having to “push” against full line pressure on deflate preventing fatigue
    • Improved Piston & Seal Design – New design, less drag, reduced friction & less movement inertia means no internal corrosion, no sticking and no skewing of accuracy
    • Accuracy Standards – Tested to over 400,000 cycles at 100% accuracy, compliant with BS EN 12645:2014
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