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PCL’s latest mid-range mechanical tyre inflator, the ATI, is suitable for tyre shops, garages, car dealers and transport depots. Featuring a simple user-friendly dial display, the ATI enables operators to provide fast, safe, cost-effective and accurate tyre inflation which in turn allows tyre users to reap the rewards of extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety.

The ATI is suitable for cars and trucks with inflation up to 12 bar / 170 psi and is individually tested for accuracy and supplied with a calibration certificate, however is not EC approved. For a BS EN 12645:2014 approved Mechanical inflator with the commensurate product performance and robustness please specify the premium AirForce II.

PCL AT1 Tyre Inflator

    • Lightweight and biomorphic design – easy to use with reduced fatigue
    • Light but strong nylon product with protective bumpers on the dial – Lightweight and tough product
    • Clear dial display – Easy and quick to read increasing accuracy and speed of use
    • Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation speeds – Reduces time saving time and money increasing capacity
    • High levels of speed, accuracy and safety – Increased customer service
    • Individually tested accuracy and supplied with a calibration certificate but not EC approved product
    • Calibration: 0-170 psi / 0-12 bar
    • Reading Accuracy: 0.1 bar / 2 psi
    • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 15 bar / 218 psi
    • Flow Rate: 910 l/min @ 13 bar supply
    • Temperature Range: -20°C to 60°C
    • Model: ATIH08, ATIH081

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