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Prevents damage and breakages to TPMS valve stems on Petrol Filling Stations where retractable air hose reels are present on inflation towers.


PCL have designed and manufactured an alternative ‘FLEXI connector’ which eradicates the issues of forecourt tyre inflator users braking TPMS valves stems when using a retractable air hose reel. This Twin Hold-on TPMS Friendly FLEXI Tyre Valve Connector can quickly and easily be retro fitted to existing air hose reels on petrol filling station air towers or installed at manufacture as a simple solution to a growing problem.





PCL Flexi TPMS Valve

    • Prevents connector being used as a level on direct TPMS valve stems which causes breakages
    • Allows easy reach to Motorcycle tyre valves with large brake discs
    • Retro-fits to existing petrol filling station air towers
    • Flexible armoured hose stem
    • Available with twin hold-on or in-line head

    Models: CO21A01, CO20A01


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