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The PCL original Thumb Lock Tyre Valve Connector is a simple and effective way to establish a good sealing grip on a Schrader car or bicycle tyre valve.

Push the 1 inch metal housing over the top of the tyre valve and far as the depth of the dust cap.


Using your thumb push down the black plastic cam lever 90 degrees to lock the valve connector.

Ideal replacement for damaged thumb lock connectors on all types of Footpumps. Secure your 5mm internal diameter hose with the included 12mm jubilee clip.


  • Tyre Valve Connection: Single Clip-on
  • Valve Style: Open End
  • Thread Type: Hose Tailpiece
  • Thread Size: for 4.75 mm (5/16″) hose
  • Valve Size: 8v1 (standard)

PCL Thumb-Lock Connector


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