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This PCL Twin Head Pressure Gauge is suitable for use with the standard (8v1) and large bore (12v1) tyre valves.


This high quality “Made in Sheffield” twin-head tyre gauge is 100% individually tested and supplied with a calibration certificate. Suitable for use with standard (8v1) and large bore (12v1) tyre inflators within the aviation industry, this sturdy gauge is designed for continual heavy use and is available with a hard-wearing black vulcanite handle.


PCL also offer a reconditioning and recalibration service for this product – please ask for more details.

PCL Twin Head Tyre Gauge

    • Black vulcanite handle to withstand continual heavy usage
    • Suitable for use with the standard (8v1) and large bore (12v1) tyre valves
    • 100% individually tested and certified
    • Accuracy: 5 psi
    • Calibration: 50-300 psi / 4-20 bar
    • Reading Accuracy: 5 psi / 0.2 bar

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