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The Polyco Multi-Task 5 Safety Gloves are a one of a kind, general purpose work glove designed to protect against abrasions, scratches and dirt. They prove to be extremely versatile in a variety of industries including warehouse work, logistics and engineering. They are made with a blend of synthetic leathers with PVC reinforced fingertips and inner palm. The Multi-Task gloves are close fitting and are ideal for allowing the user to have maximum dexterity.

Polyco Multi Task Safety Gloves

    • Materials – the Polyco Multi-Task Work Gloves are made with a blend of synthetic leathers and PVC reinforced fingertips and inner palm
    • Fit – the Multi-Task Gloves are designed to fit close to the skin to ensure maximum dexterity and designed to flex and stretch to the users natural hand movements. There is also a Velcro wrist strap for a secure fit
    • Comfort – due to the gloves combination of soft yet durable materials the gloves offer excellent in-use comfort
    • Testing – the Multi-Task Gloves are a Certified Safety Glove, scoring a 2121 in testing. The gloves perform well according to CE standards in abrasion resistance testing. See below for a breakdown of this testing.
    • Approvals: Tested to: EN388 Rating 2121
    • Safety Information: These work gloves should not be used with moving or serrated blades.
    • Available in 2 sizes: 10 and 11

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