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This pair of standard Elvex Ear Muffs allows the user to protect the whole ear from both sound and impact.


Elvex Ear Muffs offer hearing protection with style, high level of comfort and attenuation at an affordable price.


With it’s lightweight design, Elvex Ear Muffs have soft and pliable SuperSeal Ear cushions, adjustable and flexible side clips for added comfort. These Ear Muffs offer great hearing protection with a noise reduction rating of 25dB and can be worn in multiple positions.

Safety Ear Muffs

    • Extra padding offers a high level of comfort and attenuation
    • Lightweight design
    • Adjustable and flexible side clips
    • Designed for those looking for all-round ear protection
    • Rated to 25dB protection
    • Sufficient for 90% of all noise environments
    • Plastic / Sythetic Leather Material
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