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Commonly referred to as Euro Couplings, the XF-Euro series boasts excellent flow characteristics, providing the workshop with increased airflow when required, giving enhanced tool efficiency.


Benefits and Specifications:

  • High flow rate – 130cfm @ 100lbf/in²
  • Offers enhanced tool efficiency
  • Steel construction with corrosive resistant finish for longer life
  • Steel shoulder prevents accidental disconnection
  • Nominal bore: 7.4mm
  • Flow rate @ 6bar: 2200l/min @ 0.5bar p.d
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 500lbf/in² (35bar)
  • Interchangeability Rectus 25/26 Legris 25/26 CEJN 320 Norgren 234/238 Schrader InterCheck 35

XF T25 Coupling Hose Tailpiece

    • Brand: PCL
    • Style: Coupling
    • Thread Type: Hose Tailpiece
    • Thread Size: 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 13mm
    • Nominal Bore: 7.4mm

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